1. A Little Goes A Long Way Jeremy Ferrick 2:39
  2. TV in My Head Jeremy Ferrick 3:34
  3. Comatose Jeremy Ferrick 3:49
  4. Around the World Jeremy Ferrick 2:20
  5. Across the Canals Jeremy Ferrick 2:41
  6. Beautiful World Jeremy Ferrick 2:58

Jeremy Ferrick is an American Singer/Songwriter based in Los Angeles and Santa Rosa California. He has been called the “King of Lo-Fi” due to his impulsive posting of minimally produced, half-planned song ideas. When he does produce a well mastered release, the result is a combination of post-punk grunge folk from artists like Grant Lee Buffalo and the thoughtful singer/songwriter stylings of artists like Mason Jennings. A lover of life, explorer and teller of tales, his unique approach to music is both authentic and reflective of the wandering life.

The youngest of 4 brothers, Jeremy Ferrick grew up in Santa Rosa California. He began composing music while learning the trombone and piano in his younger years. When he was a teenager he got an electric guitar and recorded his first demo in Sebastapol, CA at a small studio owned by the musician known as Rafter. During his 20’s he spent most of his time traveling, writing songs, and working. It wasn’t until living in Los Angeles in his 30’s that he finally began playing regularly with bands. During that time he played with groups like the Dirty Suits, Redub Orchestra, Ginger and recorded songs with Peter Distefano. Later, while traveling through India, he dreamed up a music project called Buffalo Traffic, came back to his hometown in 2016 and recorded an EP under that name. He is now focusing on his solo career as a singer songwriter, playing shows, traveling, and finding inspiration along the way.

“I was born on 1.7.76. Many speak of 1776 as being a number of freedom. Maybe that’s why I can never be tied down to situations and commitments that feel lacking in liberty. There is something to numbers. As Steven Pressfield once said ‘It’s airy fairy but it’s true.'” –Jeremy Ferrick


Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 4.43.56 PM

Jeremy Ferrick – “A Little Goes A Long Way”

Jeremy Ferrick @ Tradewinds - Cotati, CA, 2016

Maybe the Meteor


Jeremy Ferrick “Forget the Moon” Interview

Comatose Video Screen Shot


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Jeremy Ferrick

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