1. Yeah Man I'm Sure About This (Intro) TMFT 0:29
  2. Pink Flamingos TMFT 2:48
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Northern California indie garage rock band TMFT brings infectious melodies, lighthearted humor and a bit of chaos to every performance. The band is led by multi-instrumentalists Jonny J and El whose songwriting style sonically blends aesthetics from rock bands they romanticized in their youth like The Ramones, The Smiths, and No Doubt. While it’s easy to hear elements of early indie/alt rock in their sound, they infuse their music with modern elements and a dark but humorous aesthetic to create a unique musical and visual kaleidoscope. Even their name hints at their nonsensical nature, when asked what TMFT stands for they respond, “we can’t tell you but we’ll let you know if you guess it right.” Buckle up for a wild trip where satire meets catchy melodies and joyous chaos reigns supreme.

Jonny J and El first crossed paths at a local rock show in Santa Rosa, California in January 2023 where they discovered they were both part of the same recently formed funk-rock band. Despite their contrasting styles – Jonny J’s aloha/dad-on-vacation look and El’s casual gothic attire – there was an immediate fascination between them. After a night of partying, Jonny J asked El to be the vocalist for his young and evolving project called TMFT.

Driven by his discontent with ever-prevalent low gas prices, Jonny J logically knew the future of his wealth: music. Finding work as an audio engineer while working with local musicians and recording studios, he eventually found himself working with local record label Wilson Street Records. Despite feeding his musical passion at work, he still felt something was missing. He realized that he wanted to be on the other side of the stage, commanding attention and controlling the audience. So, Jonny J made the bold decision to leave behind his big oil investments and fully commit to being a musician.

El, even as a child, was known as an overly-serious and angsty cellist and singer. She had played cello in respected symphonic orchestras and musical theater companies in and around Northern California. Just as she was growing tired of solely playing the cello, Jonny J invited her to become the lead vocalist of TMFT. El realized this was the perfect opportunity to push herself in the most demanding way possible: lowering her standards and expectations by becoming a singer in an obscure, unheard of rock band. Unlike Jonny J, she was accustomed to being in the spotlight and leading groups to success. Now she brings that classical experience and musical leadership to TMFT, hoping to raise the project out of obscurity and into the concert halls she’s accustomed to. 

TMFT has been ever-changing since its formation, unfortunately not exclusively in their sound and style, but members (or lack thereof). Jonny J started the project with his then girlfriend who helped create a shared vision for their music. However, unresolved emotions and personal tensions began to surface until, on the brink of releasing their debut single, the pair broke up. What followed was a revolving door of band members who joined with enthusiasm but departed just as suddenly. The band was in a state of disarray, struggling to maintain stability and momentum which threatened to end the project before the first song was ever released. Jonny J found renewed energy and support with the addition of El that both saved the band and solidified TMFTs sound as a female fronted power-duo collaboration.