1. 9teen Y8S 2:59

Indie pop artist Isaac Yates grew up in a large and unique musical family in the San Francisco Bay Area. Facing challenges with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning disabilities he turned to music and the drums at the age of 10. Using music as a refuge he dove into school band, choir and began working with bands in his teens. Projects like Versus Them and, Staring At Stars became his outlet for his songwriting and computer based music production.

Then in early 2019 he began formally writing and producing under the artist name Y8S. He now spends time working at his home studio in San Rafael, CA writing and producing a blend of indie rock, indie pop, and acoustic music that channels his passion for music, poetic lyrics and dreamy, danceable pop. He has also mastered an unconventional live set in which he plays live drums standing up, singing, triggering backing tracks and accompanied by one of his local musical collaborators on bass or guitar.

“I am stoked to continue to show the world my music and represent for the Bay Area- a place of unique musical and cultural diversity.”