Virtually Together

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  1. Imperfect Bones Paul Oneto 6:37
  2. Virtually Together Paul Oneto 4:20
  3. Hope In Strangers Paul Oneto 3:47
  4. She's a Ghost Paul Oneto 4:05

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Digital download of Paul Oneto’s 2020 EP Virtually Together. All of our digital downloads include standard mp3 files, high quality .wav files and album artwork.

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Paul presents the inner struggle of digital identity, modern love, and loneliness with his nostalgic indy folk sound reminiscent of Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket. This concept EP responds to the hidden experience of our virtual lives and connects with listeners by showing that no matter what persona we present online, we are all humans in need of physical and emotional connection. Whether discussed directly, as in the title track “Virtually Together,” or through the vicarious effects of cancel culture and “ghosting” in the song “She’s a Ghost,” anyone living in the modern age can connect with the vulnerable and poetic message Paul presents.

Paul Oneto and producer Jake Stillman recorded the album at the Wilson Street Records studio in Petaluma, California. Following the tracking sessions with drummer David Gray, guitar, bass, piano, and vocals were layered and assembled by the duo over a year-long production. Jake Stillman has high hopes for the album, “not only will this serve as a stepping stone for Paul’s solo career but we hope it connects with our younger generation facing this new form of anxiety and loneliness.” This also marks the third release by the independent North Bay record label which hopes to continue to grow and support the local music scene.