The “King of Lo-fi” spills out his heart in this feel good, high energy, rock song about the smallest love keeping the soul sustained. “A Little Goes a Long Way,” explores a myriad of love’s possibilities in each verse – from the spiritual love with your friends,  familial love, to the classic romantic love. The lyrics keep the listener smiling and remind us that sometimes it’s the little things that are truly important in life. Jeremy Ferrick wraps it all up in a whimsical alt rock package reminiscent of artists like Neutral Milk Hotel, Wheatus and The Shins.

And for all of you production nerds out there, this song was recorded with the minimalistic theme implied in the song. Avoiding the classic approach of painstakingly perfecting every part in the studio, Jeremy Ferrick and Jake Stillman recorded the drums, bass, guitar, and most of the vocals in a single 2 hour recording session. The drums utilized three mics with a tiny drumest consisting of kick, snare, hi hat and ride. The bass and guitars were all recorded without an amplifier, going directly from the guitar into the recording device to save on setup time. Paul Oneto’s feature on the backup vocal was recorded during a recording demonstration at the Santa Rosa Junior College music recording class, and the synthesizer parts were later captured using a midi guitar. Finally, the video was filmed in a single hour right outside the home studio on Wilson Street in Petaluma, CA. Both minimal in theme and production, Jeremy Ferrick’s latest single is a great feel good jam that reminds us that sometimes it truly only takes a little to go a long way.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Release Date : November 5, 2023
Artist : Jeremy Ferrick
Genres : Alt Rock, Indie Rock
Catalog ref. : WSR021