1. Comatose Jeremy Ferrick 3:49

Jeremy Ferrick presents a life of missed opportunities with his indie rock single “Comatose.” Easily at home on the soundtrack of a classic 90’s romance movie, this nostalgic rock track evokes Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen with its layers of guitar and crooning vocals. Possibly contributing to its 90’s vibe, “Comatose” has had a long wait for its first official release. Recorded, mixed and mastered in a 4 hour recording session in 2007 by Michael Vail Blum in Los Angeles, it has found its place in the catalog of Wilson Street Records and is scheduled for release September 30th, 2022 on streaming platforms everywhere.


Release Date : September 30, 2022
Artist : Jeremy Ferrick
Genres : Indie Rock, Rock
Catalog ref. : WSR013