1. Humilde Pero No Pendejo 2 [Tiempo Presente] Jose Victoria 4:11
  2. Guayaquil De Mis Amores Jose Victoria 4:14
  3. Quiero Besarte Otra Vez Jose Victoria 4:41
  4. Inmigrantes Jose Victoria 4:17
  5. Dale Barcelona Jose Victoria 3:36
  6. En El Planeta de Las Guerras [Soldado] Jose Victoria 2:57
  7. Ahora Vengo Yo Jose Victoria 2:32
  8. Yo Quiero Estar Contigo Jose Victoria 3:35
  9. Jornaleros Jose Victoria 2:59
  10. Vamos Ecuador “Tri” Jose Victoria 3:33

Jose Victoria (“Arabe” and “El Presidente Mas Sincero Del Mundo”) breathes new life into his most popular songs from the last decade. The 2022 album consists of 10 of the fans most loved songs from his early, and somewhat less polished, years. With a fresh take on the music and lyrics, the album shows Jose’s growth as a songwriter, producer, and human. With his signature Ecuadorian Hip-Hop style blending rap, salsa, and reggaeton, Jose’s classic songs speaks to social issues in Latin America, politics, and pride in his home country Ecuador with a few updates for our modern times. Década is only available on streaming and digital download platforms.


  • Written and performed by Jose Victoria “3 Banderas”
  • Produced by Jake Stillman
  • Music by Josias “Golden Hands”
  • Album artwork by J Arts
  • Featuring Héctor Napolitano, Lucas Napolitano, Caro Gordon, and Beder Musicologo


Release Date : February 17, 2022
Artist : Jose Victoria "3 Banderas"
Genres : Latin, Rap
Catalog ref. : WSR010