Paul Oneto’s single “Equinox” from his 2023 album, Strange, offers a deeply personal and, at times, dark reflection during life’s midpoint. This emotional and intimate track embarks on an introspective journey through the hopeful aspirations of youth to an embrace of life’s truths at the equinox of life. Paul’s lyrics are set to the backdrop of evolving, synth like guitar, and the innovative drum riffs of David Rollans that pay homage to The Beatles “Come Together.” Sonically, “Equinox” borders the genres of ambient indie folk and driving indie rock, drawing comparisons to the likes of Band of Horses and The Shins. A true gem for fans of emotional, dark, and offbeat indie rock.


Release Date : February 3, 2023
Artist : Paul Oneto
Genres : Indie Folk, Indie Rock
Catalog ref. : WSR015