1. Around the World Jeremy Ferrick 2:20
  2. Beautiful World Jeremy Ferrick 2:58
  3. Across the Canals Jeremy Ferrick 2:41

Jeremy Ferrick and Jake Stillman recorded Forget the Moon in the Winter of 2018. The release features unfeigned, acoustic originals written by Jeremy Ferrick about travel, love, and hope for the future. This three song EP marks the first release by Wilson Street Records and it was recorded in a bedroom at the house on Wilson Street where it all began.

“Jake called me last year about putting some material out under his label. We did some recording in January, and I went on my vagabond way back to LA, criss crossing the state back and forth a few times. I’ve lived in LA most of my adult life but it’s good to come back to my hometown and I enjoy recording here. I think the spirit of Sonoma County shows up in these songs… These songs have been in my mind for a while now and these versions are good snapshots. I love playing in bands and maybe I’ll have a band again, but for now I’m in solo mode and these minimal recordings represent the first reflections of my solo mindset.” – Jeremy Ferrick, 2018

Forget the Moon

Release Date : October 27, 2018
Artist : Jeremy Ferrick
Catalog ref. : WSR001