1. Do You Wanna The SoulShake 3:33
  2. Blink of an Eye The SoulShake 2:18
  3. Sweet Nothings The SoulShake 2:45
  4. The Present The SoulShake 3:32
  5. Good Morning World The SoulShake 4:29
  6. All Or Nothing The SoulShake 3:38
  7. San Diego The SoulShake 4:03
  8. To Be Alive The SoulShake 3:40

Dive into a world where music, good times, and that Northern California coastal vibe meet. The title, In This Moment, embodies the essence of the message contained in these eight songs – appreciating every moment, even when times are tough, and the life we are blessed with on this planet. We labored over each element of this album, easily the highest production value of anything The SoulShake has released yet, and created a record that reminds us what’s important in life both in its lyrical message and sonic portrait. Available on Vinyl and Digital Download

🌊 The Story: In 2023 The SoulShake gained momentum while playing shows at some of the venues they revered as kids. Some of those shows include The Mystic, The Lagunitas Amphitheater, helping sell out The Hopmonk Sebastopol as well as receiving The Bohemian’s Best of The North Bay 2023 award for the band with the Most North Bay Vibe. While finishing the recording of In This Moment in late 2023, they decided to test the waters and find out if there was enough interest to undertake the costly process of pressing vinyl records. They launched a Kickstarter in January and pre-sold nearly 60 copies, including pre-sales outside of the Kickstarter platform they raised over $4000, topping their goal by $1000. They now have 300 Vinyl Records in production with a release date of May 4th.

The album presents a story of positive outlooks. “It’s about appreciating every moment, even when times are tough, and the life we are blessed with on this planet” states frontman Domenic Bianco. This message is also a reflection of The SoulShake success story. During the Covid lockdown the band quarantined at their producer/label owner Jake Stillman’s house to finish their 2nd album Vibes. While many artists struggled with canceled shows, the band launched a livestream series they called “Saturdays with The SoulShake” where they performed live music in the front yard to an online audience. The series was a huge boost for the band, “In a lot of ways the pandemic was one of the best things that happened to us.” It brought in tens of thousands of views, raised money for social justice movements, and was invited to simultaneously broadcast on KPCA local television. Music lovers longing for the emotional and social connection of live performances called the show “what gets me through the week,” and the “best thing about quarantine.” The band emerged from quarantine with an international following and have continued to ride the wave of success into the release of their 3rd album, In This Moment. 

Rhythm tracks recorded at House of Rock in Santa Rosa, CA in 2021
Overdubs recorded at Stillman Sound in Petaluma, CA between 2021 and 2023
Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jake Stillman
Assistant recording engineers include Casey McConkie and Jon Bland
Cover artwork by Maxfield Bala
Vinyl Pressing by Precision Record Pressing
All songs written and performed by The SoulShake,
Domenic Bianco, Charlie Sisemore, John Hendricks, Jake Stillman

In This Moment

Release Date : May 4, 2024
Artist : The SoulShake
Genres : Reggae, Rock
Catalog ref. : WSR018