The most sincere president in the world is back for his re-election! “La Reelección” follows the story of Jose Victoria’s 2018 release “El Presidente Mas Sincero Del Mundo” (The Most Sincere President in The World) in which Jose lays out the realities of corruption in Latin American by delivering a “sincere” dictatorial presidential commencement speech on election day. El Presidente struck a chord with the people and reached millions while being used as a tool by celebrities and social media influencers to call out corruption from the many controversial politicians in Latin America. Now, in 2023, the president is back to deliver his re-election speech with an even deeper cut into the hidden world of corruption. The president delves into poverty, collusion with narcos, emigration, violence and the failures of government whose politicians act in their own self interest while the people suffer in this satirical return of El Presidente Mas Sincero Del Mundo.

La Reelección “El Presidente Más Sincero Del Mundo”

Release Date : March 7, 2023
Artist : Jose Victoria "3 Banderas"
Genres : Hip-hop, Latin, Rap
Catalog ref. : WSR017