1. Yeah Man I'm Sure About This (Intro) TMFT 0:29
  2. Pink Flamingos TMFT 2:48

TMFT’s debut single “Pink Flamingos” evokes the timeless rom-com love stories of decades past and the feeling of “right place, wrong time” through an indie garage rock sound and a retro aesthetic.  

In a time where what’s old is new and what’s new is old, TMFT explores the nostalgic through its pop, punk, shoegaze-ska, and jazz inspired soundscape in “Pink Flamingos.” It weaves these genres in with an underlying message of time out of place through its avant-garde intro, clean and poppy verses, and distortion filled, aggressive choruses. Meanwhile, the under-appreciated female led rock band approach sonically pays homage to TMFT’s influences ranging from Paramore, No Doubt, and No Vacation.

Founding member Jonny J wrote this song amidst quitting his day job to pursue music full time and an unexpected revolving door of bandmates. After losing his lead singer (and long term girlfriend) he invested the emotion of that tumultuous time into the writing of “Pink Flamingos.” Jonny also took inspiration from previous romantic scenarios and wrote them into a lyrical narrative that captures the feeling of romance in the “right place and wrong time.” This is personified with an encounter at a coffee shop between two potential lovers kept apart by circumstance. In this way, “Pink Flamingos” dedicates itself to the bittersweet sensation of falling into a forbidden love. 

Regardless of its seemingly serious content, TMFT laughs about naming the song “Pink Flamingos” which has no significant connection to the song (but is fun to say). Their quirky and somewhat dark humor is also present in the accompanying music video filled with nonsensical situations, barbequed lawn ornaments, and tennis. 

After nearly a year of rehearsing, changing members, and playing their first few live shows, TMFT continues to work on their EP, using the single“Pink Flamingos” to gain momentum and establish their online presence. With more shows scheduled in the near future, TMFT continues to share the dark, romanticized, and nostalgic vibe present in “Pink Flamingos” with their chaotic, humorous, and energetic live performances throughout Northern California.

Pink Flamingos

Release Date : August 25, 2023
Artist : TMFT
Genres : Garage Rock, Indie Rock
Catalog ref. : WSR019