1. Forget You The SoulShake 2:49
  2. Simple Things The SoulShake 3:07
  3. Love Letters The SoulShake 2:37
  4. Poppin The SoulShake 3:01
  5. Breathe The SoulShake 3:30
  6. SoulShake Vibe The SoulShake 4:47
  7. Lovely Like You The SoulShake 3:08

Released in fall 2020 when isolation was the social standard and the alarmism in the media divided us even further. Vibes is a musical reminder that love, good times, and being present in the moment is at the core of a beautiful human experience. The SoulShake’s second release captures the feel of the band’s laid back cultural surfer philosophy with danceable, upbeat songs about love, positive mentalities, and dealing with the stresses that are piled onto our modern lives. The music invites the listener to be a part of this culture with a sound that pays homage to California legends like Sublime and Red Hot Chili Peppers, instilling a refreshing, positive, timely message amidst the uncertainty and anxiety prevalent in the media messaging of an uncertain year.


Release Date : December 4, 2020
Artist : The SoulShake
Genres : Reggae, Rock, Ska
Catalog ref. : WSR007